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What is saving your life right now?

Thanks to one of my most precious friends and her own addiction, I've become something of a podcast junkie. I love the set-up of a podcast. The relaxed, conversational tone between the host and guest is so personal, it just begs me to grab a cup of coffee and relax on my couch for a good chat. And of course most of the podcasts I follow champion the mom, the woman, the friend. I can't get enough. At the end of one particular podcast, the host always asks her guest, "What is saving your life right now?" I mean, what a rich question. And oh the possibility for answers! The host assures her guest that their answer can be funny, serious...whatever pops into their brain. It is a great question to ask ourselves. It helps evaluate where we are in this sliver of life. Of course, when I'm posed with such a big thought to mull over and chew, you'd better believe the answer will end up in writing!

What is saving your life right now? This year has been one of the most pai…

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