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A Tale As Old As Time: When moms get sick

Have a seat, ladies. I have a tale to share. You have kids hanging on your legs? It's fine. If you have PBS Kids at your disposal, I've got the Rose`. This shouldn't take too long.

Many moons ago, long before there was Facebook or Instagram to make it an officially documented story, there lived a young mother. This mother was one of our early ancestors. Her dwelling was a cave, carved into the side of a mountain. The cave-mother kept a tidy home, fed her two young cave-dwellers the choicest cuts of woolly mammoth, and protected the abode while cave-father was away on business. (He was a big-wig on the scene of nut and berry trading. Extremely important guy.) Cave-life was good. But one morning, cave-mom could not gather the energy to lift her head from her rock pillow. The sun had risen and her sweet little neanderthals were hungry. They climbed on her and chased each other, merrily, with their clubs. Cave-mom's throat was on fire. Her head pounded and her stomach thre…

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