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We are weak...

There's nothing in the world like motherhood to take your best-laid plans and scatter them to the wind. From the little things like how you'll appropriate screen-time to the big things like having "the talk" (sweet mercy), we all have in mind how we're going to do the dang thing. And whether your little blessing came into the world exactly as you imagined they would or, more likely, things went sideways and then a baby showed up in your unsure arms, plans start to fall apart pretty darn quickly. You're lucky just to be holding on for the ride! Every so often we may get one of those suspiciously calm seasons where we do feel a little more control over our domain and its subjects. But those are few and far between. Being a mom ain't for those who cling to a prescribed idea of how life should go. Because sister, I'm here to tell ya, life is able to throw all kinds of painful curve balls.

Exactly one year ago, to the minute, I found myself in one heck of …

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