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Eat the FOOD!

Since moving cross-country, my life has been simplified. My responsibilities have been pared back down to the basics. I'm not needed for much outside of the house. My job obviously stayed in Texas and I said "adios" to a lot of volunteer hours. Without the busy day-to-day of family and friends around, I've found myself far more domestic than I've been in a while.

**Before I go on, I'd like to preface this piece by reminding you to stay in your lane, friend. This post is not about what any of us moms should or should not be doing at home. Get that mess out of your brain right now. This is about me and my own domestic struggle. And how I might spatula (yes, I made that a verb) someone across the face when I next sit down for dinner.**

I keep a clean house...ish. I wash clothes. (Do I make the kids go down to the basement and dig through piles of clean laundry to find what they need for the day? You betcha. Baby steps, guys.) And, sigh, I feed my people. Correct…

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